Rare Vintage Units
From the thrilling HI End analogue radio days:)


Here is all processing box from the past, designed to satisfy broadcasting engineers dreams motto word “loud & clear” or “how to burn a hole on a dial” :( or “hold and attract audiences?”

Unfortunately after all that fuss “loudness WAR” punish and suffering (due the overdoing it on most cases) audience / our HEARING, so finally they DON’T “hold and attract audiences!!!”

(Rare photos and info about CRL units (Thanks a lot) by
Mr Kevin Clayborn Sales Manager of Orban/CRL)

Here is the old CRL manufacturing plant where made all of the
CRL units which shown on pro-radio-vintage pages


Booth of CRL on NAB at 1998, shown the DP100 an all
digital processor a competitor of Orban 8200.

CRL NAB 1998 Booth



CRL-Stereo-Maxx.jpg (22799 bytes)
CRL Audio Signature & Stereo Maxx

CRL & BBE 822

CRL-FM4 Combinator & Stereo Maxx

CRL’s FM Air-Chain (above)
Behringer Combinator, Stereo Maxx


CRL FM air chain

CRL’s FM Air-Chain (above)
SG800A Stereo Generator (multiplex generator)
SGC800 Stereo Gain Controller
SEC800 Spectral Energy Compressor
SMP850 Stereo Modulation Processor 

CRL’s AM Air-Chain (beneath)
Actually are the same models with Fm but on Mono,
“Mono” cousins
as Kevin says :)

CRL AM air chain

DAP 300 silver

DAP 300 silver inside

Dorrough DAP 310 & 610

First multiband approach by famous Mike Dorrough’s
DAP 300 (silver & black face) at 1973 and DAP 610 at 1985.

Above DAP two CRL units, a SEC800 Spectral Energy Compressor
and The Dynafex DX, a high frequency noise reduction unit.

Dorrough DAP 610

Gregg Labs box

Another thrilling multiband processing box (center photo)
by Gregg Labs “Gregg Ogonowski” at 1980.

Beneath is the famous Harris processing setup, MSP 90 a wide-band
limiter and its companion  MSP 100 a 3 bands limiter
with wide-band AGC.
Photo by Greg Snow.

MSP-90 inside


Pacific recorders multimax

Multimax inside

Multilimiter pacific

Multimax and Multilimiter another multiband processing
box by Pacific Recorders at 1976-81.


Multimax’s and beneath first broadcasting unit
Modulimiter from Bill Putnam of Urei circa 1970.
Beneath black face DAP 300 of Mike Dorrough.


Hollanders response with Warsanis 1240

Gentner Texar  audioprism


Texar logo


Gentner ex Texar audio prism’s multiband processing
famous companion of Optimod 8100A1 at 1985.

inovonics map230

inovonics map 230

inov-230 inside


Inovonics MAP 230 AM multiband
processing box, 8 bands!! at about 1972-83.

Cutting edge unity-am

Gutting Edge’s of Frank Foti Unity AM, same as Unity FM
Digital control, analogue path at about 1980.