Rare Vintage Units
From the thrilling HI End analogue radio days:)


Please be patience to the heavy load.

Here are some expensive reference units
still on use by many radio stations FM & AM.

Belar FM monitor

RCA belar monitor

Belar AMM

Most accurate, reliable and precise complete monitor units for on air deviation measurements by Belar still on use, at about 1980. Beneath an FM monitor made by Belar for RCA.
Here is Belarís official website.

QEI 691

Hereís another great modulation instruments deviation
monitor On air measurements made by QEI model 691
circa 1987? Still on product line may see it Here

Sequerra FM tuner

Sequerra FM tuner face panel

Sequerra FM tuner

Radio Electronics Magazine 1975

Sequerra FM 1. Reference, status FM tuner by
brilliant designer Dave Sequerra made at about 1970.
Sequerra updates his analogue FM 1 for today needs of HD Radio and become M1 HD Broadcast FM Reference may visit official Day Sequerra website  Here
Here may find reviews on Sequerra FM1 also for many vintage HI End Fm tuners.  

EMT 930

EMT 948

EMT 948

EMT 948

EMT TSD15 moving coil cartridge

EMT / Thorens
For vinyl lovers ONLY.
The European Broadcast professional turntable from 1960 until end of Vinyl dominates. A real precise workhorse turntable for broadcast industry around the world.

Here everything about EMT history etc.

Here may find info about excellent moving coil EMT cartridges.

Here a great website of passionate with EMT turntables
Mr. Stefano Pasini from