Major Edwin Howard Armstrong
The Man of High Fidelity Fight for FM Broadcasting
One Man vs. Big Business and Bureaucracy



Hello FM lovers around the globe.

Here is some interesting info for the most misunderstanding inventor of all the times which after his suicide find the reputation and recognition. His name nowadays is together with others great pioneers like Marconi, Lee Deforest etc.

Some info just in case that you don’t know about the inventor of Frequency Modulation or Hi Fi media which all of us serve and love? Unfortunately nowadays we sacrifice “destroy” the advantage of this Hi Quality capability’s of Fm modulation due the Loudness War using ‘hyper-compressed’ music material / units ahead of our high tech digital “toys” on air processing units at the most aggressive settings just to satisfies the deaf PD’s “burn a hole on a dial” as they say.

I am very sure with all this horrible situation the inventor of FM Major Armstrong somewhere up there feel disappointment some how because finally after all that digital “toys” we make the FM radio listen more like AM:-(!! Without any sense of music quality.  

Major Edwin Howard Armstrong was fight and finally suicide for that he dreamed. At least we must to respect his death and give back the Hi Quality on FM medium. 

Edwin Howard Armstrong 1890 - 1945

Fon 261fm

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Here another fine biography with lots of rare material.

Here is the official website of Armstrong foundation.

Here history of Empire State Building NY and his antenna mast trough years. Actually from that Building Armstrong demonstrate his first world FM transmission at 1935.

Here a report of RW for the first FM re broadcasting at original 42 – 50 MHz Fm Band in memory of Edwin Howard Armstrong.

Here a very interesting re-build by Steve Hemphill one of the first FM transmitter by General Electric Model BT-11-B of 1946 with "Phasitron" Tube for FM modulation rather than of today’s direct Varicap way. This re-build transmitter is used on FM broadcasting at early 42 – 50 MHz Fm Band actually at 42.8 MHz from original antenna site which build by Armstrong the historic Alpine, N.J. in February 2004 for the 50th anniversary death of Major Edwin Howard Armstrong the inventor of Hi Quality FM modulation.

Here The first
Superheterodyne Radio Receiver by Edwin H. Armstrong in 1918. RCA Radiola Superheterodyne Second-Harmonic AR-812

Here The legacy of Major Edwin Howard Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio, was saluted at the AES, Audio Engineering Society convention in New York this past weekend. As part of a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Armstrong's first FM transmissions, the AES event offered an expanded version of a panel discussion first held at Armstrong's Alpine, N.J. tower site in June.

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