8100A1 Internal View, Cards e.t.c

Please be patience due the heavy load -56K.


Hello Optimoder's:) around the world (my greetings to Holland Radio Pirates which “Love Optimod Sound” especially to Dennis:)

Here is my before long time promised presentation just to see what is inside on any legendary Orban Optimod 8100A1 a thrilling radio processing unit. My next presentation will be the inside view of XT2.

As may you see 8100A1 has build it as a “Tank” it was a very heavy box due extended care of RF shielding, that box can stand very near of any monster PA RF,  i.e. 30Kw without any interference problem on audio, input or MPX out.

Bob Orban helped lot by Mr. Eric Small of MODSCI which design the housing box of Optimod make it acceptable on “rough real world” on radio transmitting mountain site facilities. Bear in mind that, Optimod 8100 was made, designed under the very tight FCC rules of that time about 1980, Bob Orban releases an unit which it was ahead of its time and from any "tight" FFC or other today radio rules, so Optimod 8100A1 became an all time
“classy” reference unit (even if nowadays is “passe” for some competitors) which copied and abused by his today enemy which try to declare him self as the one and only radio sound “guru” with his latest advertising trick, an really bad and “dishonest” joke “Respect your audio with my….Units” what units mister? That with “Fake Brilliance” unnatural “Big Bass” and “Trashy Composite Clipper” ? NO thanks, now its time to take your “Nap”:)

Optimod came from
a more “Reliable” era than FAKE today when a man it was a REAL man, and a woman a REAL woman. Today where a man looks more like a woman and a woman more like a man, so and the processors designers is more "ungrateful", "uneducated" & FAKE than ever.



8100 With Removed Upper Plate.
8100 Without Cards.
8100 Without Cards.


8100 Open Safe Door.
8100 Power Supply Compartment.
8100 VU & Reduction Meters.
8100 Power Supply PCB & Extender Card.
8100 Power Supply PCB.
8100 All Cards Installed.
8100 All Cards Installed.


8100 Extender Card For Servicing.
8100 Card 8 On Extender Card.
8100 Extender Card For Servicing.
8100 Rare Card 0.


8100 Cards 3-4. Input Buff & Dual Band VCA, AGC.
Cards 3-4, CA3280 VCA.
8100 Phase Scrabler & 30Hz Hi Pass Filter.
8100 Cards 3-4 PCB.
8100 Cards 3-4 Under Side PCB.


8100 Card 5. Control Card, AGC, Gate etc.
8100 Card 5 Potted Module.
8100 Card 5 Pots.
8100 Card 5 Detail.
8100 Card 5 Detail.
8100 Card 5 Under Side PCB.

8100 Card 6, Pre-Emphasis, HF limiter.
8100 Card 6, Upgrade IC, Lower Noise.
8100 Card 6 Pots.
8100 Card 6, Upgrade IC.
8100 Card 6 Under Side PCB.

8100 Card 7, Stereo Coder.
8100 Card 7, 19Khz XTAL.
8100 Card 7, 19Khz XTAL & Output Amplf/Buffer.
8100 Card 7, VCA CA3280 As Balance Modulator.


8100 Cards 8-9, 15Khz LPF, Smart Soft & Hard Clipper.
8100 Cards 8-9, Details.
8100 Cards 8-9, Hard Clipper Diodes & Clipping Point Adj.
8100 Cards 8-9, Under Side PCB.